About our brand

About our brand

The inspiration for our brand came from a very special place. I'm from a little fishing town called Stacy, North Carolina. It only has a couple hundred residents (maybe less), a few churches, two stop signs, and exactly zero businesses. Growing up I spent a lot of time on "the Banks" which is a barrier island just off of Stacy. There's not a lot to do there except take in the scenery, ride around, and fish, but it's so beautiful and serene and it's one of my favorite places. You can stand on top of a sand dune and see both the Atlantic Ocean and Core Sound, which is how I got the name Sound to Sea.

core banks, cape lookout national seashore, beach scenery

With input and direction from our customers, friends, and family, we've created a brand that we hope will transport you to cool mornings on the beach, summer nights on the boardwalk, or your favorite family vacation. Our goal is to provide you with a little piece of the beach that sparks joy and happiness. 

If you haven't already, check out our local collection, created to honor some of our favorite local landmarks.

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